What are the things that make Mystic Messenger stand out of other online games?

Mystic Messenger can be a Korean otome game developed by Cheritz. You act a female protagonist using five suitor alternatives. Of the 5, one is female. The game begins when your character downloads a program, and also a mysterious person named “un-known ” hacks to your mobile via the app. He tells you he detected somebody else ‘s smartphone, but he’s overseas and cannot check the listed deal with. He asks one to assess. After there, Unknown disappears, and you are thrust into the midst of a firm called R.F.A.

R.F.A.,” Rika’s Fundraising affiliation, led by Queen and Rika, hosts charity functions to fund initiatives for men and women in need. Earlier Rika expired, she managed the guest checklist also planned the functions mystic messenger hack. Nowadays you’ve been picked to displace her.

Suitor Options

Suitors can be chosen dependent around the shallow game or the profound storyline. As opposed to other Otome games, you usually do not decide on your route in the start. Your route is dependent on your own choices. Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung narrative lines are all available to play immediately. Save hourglasses through the very first playthroughs or purchase the hourglasses outright to unlock the Deep tale. Back in Deep Story, 707 and Jumin can be found.

ZEN is really a musical performer and version. His narcissism and self love will be the sole things greater than his popularity. He counters his cigarette smoking practice and high-alcohol-tolerance by spending too many hours at the fitness center. Zen conveys his feelings on his sleeve and also often butts heads with Jumin. He has dyed hair and reddish eyes.

Jae Hee Kang is just a workaholic, perhaps not completely by choice, as Jumin Han’s assistant. Much like her dismay, Jumin treats her such as servant labour and usually leaves his kitty along with her when he goes on excursions. She’s useful and levelheaded however, maybe cold. Glasses framework her brown eyes, and her brown hair is cropped at a pixie-style.

Yoosung can be actually a youthful college student having a gambling presenter. He is Rika’s cousin,” but he claims to be like a brother to her. Though naive, he’s sweet, mental, and deeply affected by Rika’s departure. He has a dark spot contrary to V, Rika’s boy friend. His blond hair is tied right back in the front to show his bright purple eyes.

707 is a professional programmer, the inventor of the program, and accountable of most cyber security for the group. He also ‘s your quintessential type clown, but he harbors a mysterious shadowy aspect. After all, when you’re a secret agent, your secrets can cost lives. 707 has Red Orange own hair, yellowish eyes, also tiger-striped glasses.

Jumin Han is rich beyond measure because the heir for his father’s business. Whilst the king of maintaining emotions in balance, ” he scolds others for dropping their cool. He’s level-headed, logical, and also maybe not scared to be brutally honest. His very first and only love is his first white kitty, Elizabeth the 3rd. He has dark hair and cold, grey eyes.

Game Play

There are 4 crucial components to the gameplay. Since Rika’s substitute, you will need to keep up with the conversation room, respond to guest mails, and exchange private messages and telephone calls using the other associates. The game takes place on the course of twenty real life days or not, depending which ending your decisions take you.

If you create it to day 11, you will see the grand finale – the party.

Chatroom: This really is the main driver of the game’s narrative. New chatrooms occur across the day at predetermined intervals, but unless you seek them they feel random. You are able to pay hour glasses to participate in talks that you ‘re already advised , and it really is imperative in talks wherever your preferred suitor is. Depending upon your own answers, you may even earn added hour glasses to use later.

When you engage in a chat, you’ll possess the option to respond from the chat into the characters with several alternative selections. When you pick an answer, an colored hub will pop up on the monitor to enable you to know who you earned the partnership point together with. 707 is reddish, Jaehee is yellowish, Jumin is purple, Zen is gray, and Yoosung is green. Not all answers bring in points, however.

At some point, you could break a heart – here’s trusting it’s perhaps not your suitor’s. Inevitably, you will have to side with 1 person above another in a conversation, and which is going to end in a destructive influence on the partnership. In addition, in one of a conversations, there might be a response that will completely shatter your romantic relationship in case you’re not attentive. Avoid these heartbreaks if you’d like a superior ending.

Story-based cut-scenes have been inter woven with the talks, and also the further you receive in to a suitor’s particular story lineup, the much more you will see. A few of these cutscenes allow one to respond together with multiple choice selections with the ability to put in additional relationship issues.

Mail: In the plan of the chats, one of the personalities will probably indicate a visitor to invite for your own approval. The friends will fluctuate depending on your narrative. In the event you accept, the potential guest may ship you an email. Just about every e mail ends at a question pertaining to his or her occupation you will have to respond with many selection. This will arise for every visitor 3 times.

In the event you get the first question wrong, the guest won’t go to the social gathering. 1 correct answer can give you a minimal likelihood the guest will probably arrive, even while two right answers really have a great chance the guest will probably come. If you answer all 3 questions accurately, the visitor will attend the party. It is crucial that you have as many guests because you can get to receive yourself a excellent ending.

Messages: Sometimes, you are going to receive confidential messages from the personalities. Like the chat feature, you may possibly possess the option to respond together with multiple choice selections. The right answer will net you personally favorable relationship issues.

I harbor ‘t played a genuinely amazing Otome game similar to that as Midnight Cinderella. The inter woven stories and the plot are more intriguing and complex. The plot is far deeper than it appears with twists and secrets I never saw coming.

Each personality has a distinct personality with a stability of good and poor characteristics – there will undoubtedly be some thing which you love and hate about every one of them.

The gameplay is unique and exceptionally realistic. I deleted the app off my mobile phone the very first time I downloaded it because the realism freaked me out.

To the optimized story, the game recommends each candidate in a specific order: Disposition, Yoosung,” Jaehee, Jumin, along with 707. When I play with Otome games, I love to pick and stay with one particular suitor. I would like ‘t enjoy playing the very same narrative over again, also that I feel as if I’m betraying my first really like. That’s just my private taste. Going through each and every suitor’s narrative amazes this glorious narrative like petals at a blooming climbed. In the event you neglect ‘t mind putting in the effort and time, you are going to probably be rewarded. I used to be horrified, therefore I compensated $2.99 to unlock profound story and went for 707.

The main line narrative for 707 can be really a type of emotion with a extreme and stunning narrative lineup. I envision the others are equally too good, while I believe 707’s narrative is the most critical to the over-arching plot.

After unlocking 707’s excellent ending in my very first try out, I assessed a walkthrough and accomplished that my collections didn’t match completely. You don’t even have to get 100% favorable responses for ending, so long because you don’t break your suitor’s heart.

Soon after completing the game, you have access into the character’s after-ending and incentive articles. After one play-through, I did not have a sufficient amount of hour eyeglasses to unlock the afterwards ending for 707, so that I just looked up his own narrative. Not ideal, however impactful none the less.

In the event you’re into collecting in Otome games, that one is just a great choice. There is a collection menu for character pics, friends, and also endings you may get by finishing the character story lines and endings.

If you’re an Otome supporter and you also harbor ‘t played with this game, I suggest you down load it immediately.